Abdullah Auto Intialization

P1605 Rough Idling


P1605 This DTC is stored if the engine speed drops below the set speed. Using the intelligent tester, the conditions present when the DTC was stored can be confirmed by referring to the freeze frame data. Freeze frame data records engine conditions when a malfunction occurs. This information can be useful when troubleshooting. It is necessary to check if the vehicle ran out of fuel before performing troubleshooting, as this DTC is also stored when idling is unstable due to running out of fuel.

DTC NO DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area

After 5 seconds or more elapse after starting the engine,
with the engine running, the engine speed drops to 400 rpm or less
(1 trip detection logic)

Air leak in intake system
Purge valve
Brake booster hose not connected properly
Mass air flow meter sub-assembly
Engine coolant temperature sensor
Wire harness or connector
Air fuel ratio sensor
Power supply circuit (purge valve, fuel injector, ignition coil)
Fuel pump
Fuel pump control system
Fuel line
Throttle body
Camshaft timing oil control valve
Knock sensor
Ignition coil
Fuel injector
Spark plug(s)
Air conditioning system
Power steering system
Electrical load signal system
EGR valve assembly